*​​​​​​​​​ Eugene Brancoveanu, Tony Award winner for  Baz Luhrman's "La Boheme" on Broadway, sings the lead on the recording.   He says this about "Blood Tango": “Beside the epic nature of the soundscape that John created, I fell in love with the deliciousness of the lyrics...at times appropriately frantic and ravenously romantic without becoming self-indulgent."

"As I was singing the various pieces, it conjured powerful images of entire scenes and theatrical scenarios in my mind.”


For starters: 

Quick Medley 

SAMPLE CLIPS                                                         FULL

A Young and Foreign Nobleman                Full Version      

Cat on the Street                                       Full Version
Pour the Ice in the Glass
                                         Full Version
In a Kingdom*                                     
      Full Version
I Fink You T'ink                                        
Full Version
Descend on You*   
(with Tango Ariel)                Full Version
Renfield’s Taunt                                        
Full Version

My Blood Boils                                         Full Version
He Has You                                               
Full Version
Full Version
Duet*                                                         Full Version
Here I Stand  PART ONE                                same

Here I Stand  PART TWO                                               same
Full Version
Another Poor Maid                                            same

To Kill a Witch   PART ONE                                        same

To Kill a Witch   PART TWO                        same
                                                            Full Version

​​​​​Hear expanded Orchestrations  by Bruce Munson

Book & Lyrics by John McMullen
Music by John McMullen
Tal Ariel, Elizabeth Jane Dunne, Bruce Munson
Orchestrations by Tal Ariel & Bruce Munson

Score editing by Bruce Munson