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Winter, 1922, in an English drawing room above a madhouse, along the North England coast of the North Sea, near a precipice, we are introduced to the family: 


  • Seward, the psychiatrist who runs the sanatorium;
  • Lucy, his granddaughter, a rebellious “flapper";
  • Perdita, his prim, scholarly, adopted daughter;
  • Helsinger, an alcoholic scholar who tutors the girls;
  • Renfield, a patient who is having religious delusions;
  • Harker, Lucy’s suave fiancé;
  • Hoskins, the Cockney butler and orderly;
  • Brigid, their illiterate Irish immigrant cook and housekeeper...and more.

Act I   

Scene 1

All anxiously await the nobleman coming for treatment. (A Young and Foreign Nobleman)

Scene 2

Renfield bursts in and sings of a world “red in tooth, red in claw” and of some messiah to come. (Cat on the Street)

Scene 3

 Seward and Harker drink to calm their nerves, and Seward explains Helsinger’s past.

An inebriated Helsinger enters looking for the book; he is unaware of the new patient and is astonished that he has been reading his very history.

They sing their university drinking song about the irony and heartbreak of life and the happy respite of strong drink. (Pour the Ice in the Glass)

Scene 4

The household welcomes Count Vlad.

He has come to rid himself of his addictions to drugs and the blood of virgins--only to find that Dr. Seward has two lovely young "intact" daughters...and cabinets full of drugs.

Vla sings the legend of how he contracted his inherited blood malady. (In A Kingdom)  

Brigid enters but freezes at the sight of Vlad.

Scene 5

Helsinger tutors Lucy and Perdita in poetry; the poems foreshadow events to come.

Perdita has a school-girl crush on Helsinger. Alone, he sings her praise and chides himself not to pick the bloom from her. (Blossom) 

Scene 6

Renfield accosts Vlad in the Conservatory. He think Vlad has come to rescue him.

He offers Vlad drugs.  Vlad spurns him
Renfield scuttles backwards and exits.  He drops the vial and the syringe.
Vlad see it. He is tempted. His fate hangs on the next moment.

He scoops it up, crosses to the chair in the darkened alcove, and stares at the vial and syringe.

Scene 7 

Below stairs, Brigid and Hoskins mock and tease one another in a battle-of-the-sexes duet.

(I Fink You T’ink)

Scene 8

Lucy tracks Vlad to the Conservatory and interrupts him as he about to inject himself.

She flirts with him unmercifully, and  implores Vlad to teach her the tango.

He demurs, she persists--and “looses the beast” within him.

They tango, and he sings of the ecstasy he can bring--with her permission. (Descend on You) 

He injects her with drugs, trades blood, and deflowers her.

Scene 10

Brigid reports to the men that Lucy is ill and has slept the night in the arboretum.

Renfield crashes in to jeer at them about how Vlad will subjugate them all. (Renfield’s Taunt) 

Knowing the vampire's preference for virgin blood, Helsinger questions Harker whether Lucy is still a virgin.

They all rush to Lucy’s side.


Act II

Scene 1

The three men rush to Lucy’s side.

Helsinger finds an injection mark on her arm and a love bite in the crook of her arm.

Lucy confides in Perdita her infatuation with Vlad.(My Blood Boils)  

Lucy scolds Harker for interrupting her sleep which she has feigned to avoid him. He sings a lament of the loss of her love. (He Has You)

Scene 2

Harker confronts Vlad for alienating her affections, but Vlad reassures him.

They exit, but Vlad reenters to sing a misogynistic ode extolling the joy of “merging with a virgin.” He dances a dream tango with Lucy and Perdita. (Virgins) 

Vlad tells Lucy that Harker has threatened him. She vows to protect Vlad.

Vlad gives her a syringe filled with opiates to dispatch Harker.

Scene 3

Lucy seduces Harker and murders him. Realizing her crime, she screams and runs out and over the cliff into the sea.

Scene 4

Seward, Helsinger and Hoskins hear the scream, and rush in.

They find Harker's dead body/

Seward and Hoskins carry off Harker's body.

Perdita is on her knees weeping. Helsinger goes to comfort her, and helps her to her feet.

She tells him that like Lucy, she is infatuated with Vlad.

Helsinger asks Perdita to do some research on Vlad’s past. She agrees.

Scene 5

Vlad reviles Renfield for tempting him. He realizes that he will continue his monstrous way without hope of salvation, and predicts that his nature is already leading him to preying on the innocent.  

He tells Renfield that he no longer needs the drug, but needs blood and orders him to drain the other patients to get it for him. 

Scene 6

Brigid is dusting when Vlad appears behind her.

He tells her he knows what she is and warns her not to interfere.

He invites her to join the entourage he plans on gathering.

She vows to protect the family and promises to destroy him.

Scene 7

Vlad surprises Perdita who reviles him for driving Lucy over the brink.

Perdita interrogates him as to how he contracted his disease, and he discloses the true story of how he was bitten by a bat in South America – 400 years ago.

Perdita is incredulous. Since she intends to become a physician, she asks to examine him.

She becomes entranced.

He looks at her fully for the first time and is dumbfounded at her likeness to the girl who saved him in the jungle.

They tango and sing of their fascination and apprehension. 

Vlad begins to seduce her as he did Lucy – but is overcome by love and flees.

Scene 8

Brigid sings of her unrequited love for Helsinger, though she knows he loves his student Perdita. (Here I Stand, part one) 

Perdita interrupts and begs for help, for she is obsessed with Vlad.

Brigid tells her that she needs to be “inoculated”–deflowered–so that he will no longer desire her since his appetite is only for virgins.

 She sends her in to Helsinger’s study to be deflowered by her tutor.

Alone, she finishes her song of woe. (Here I Stand, part two)

Scene 9

Perdita demands Helsinger “draw first blood” to dispel the danger from Vlad.(Teacher)

Scene 10

Vlad watches Perdita exit the study, and bemoans that another poor maid has been undone, but dismisses it for love of her. (Another Poor Maid)

Scene 11

Vlad approaches Helsinger to persuade him to “build a family” to undo his loneliness and that they become a triad, a ménage à trois. Though Vlad has always been the alpha, he offers to share so that she will be persuaded to come.

]Disgusted, Helsinger rejects it as unnatural.

Infuriated, Vlad vows that Perdita will come with him regardless. 

Scene 12

Vlad finds Perdita and begs her to come away with him.

She is on the verge of consenting – then fearfully runs away.

Vlad becomes frantic and furious to the point of madness. He vows to kill Brigid, whom he blames.

Scene 13

Brigid is brewing up a potion to dispatch him. Vlad approaches singing his intentions.  (To Kill a Witch, part one) He scoffs at her using her broom as a weapon.

He is overwhelming her when Hoskins enters to defend her, but Hoskins is restrained from behind by Renfield while Vlad stabs Hoskins with Brigid’s carving knife.

Seward attacks Vlad who laughs at it and cuffs Seward.

In the background, we see Brigid pour the potion over her splintered broom, and continues to taunt Brigid (To Kill a Witch, part two).
Brigid lunges at him but he parries, and he is about to cut her throat when Perdita enters.

He loosens his grip on Brigid and reaches out to Perdita.

Brigid impales him from behind with her poisoned broom. As he dies, she leans down and taunts him with,

“Let your last thought be 'twas a woman who sent you straight to hell!”

Perdita kneels and begs him to revive. Each character sings their own remorse. (Finale/Reprise) 

A beat after the music fades, Vlad resurrects and raises up like a cobra.

All react in horror except Perdita who is elated and Lucy who is maniacally gleeful.