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​​​​​​​​​​​Soon to become a AUDIO BOOK 

with the Musical as dreamscape​​

READ the first few chapters:

"The Violent History​ and Repentance

of  Vlad Tepes"

Eugene Brancoveanu--Tony Award winner for Baz Luhrman's "La Boheme" on Broadway--sings the lead on the recording.  He says this about the musical:   
“Beside the epic nature of the soundscape that John created,
I fell in love with the deliciousness of the lyrics. At times appropriately frantic and ravenously romantic without becoming self-indulgent. As I was singing the various pieces,

it conjured powerful images of entire scenes and theatrical scenarios in my mind.”

Lyrics & Book by John McMullen  

Music by John McMullen,  

Tal Ariel, Elizabeh Jane Dunne, and Bruce Munson

Orchestrations by Tal Ariel and Bruce Munson

Edited by Bruce Munson

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"Romantic, dark, erotic….”

Blood Tango the Musical

is a musical for our times!

x  Seduction of the innocent by powerful predators, teachers and students trysting, women protecting women--but in the midst of it you feel the passion and the obsession that pulses in all of them.
x We put aside the supernatural and the parody, and deliver an evening that stirs the blood and heightens the pheromones. 

x  haunting ballads you'll hum driving home

x  throbbing rhythms of the sensual tango

x  a touch of Hamiltonian rap

x  a comic turn between butler and cook

x a drinking song for the pub after the show ​​


"Tango Argentino" took American theatres by storm.  “Dancing with the Stars" has 11 million viewers -- and they all wait to see the “red-hot tango.”  

9 actors (3 W, 6 M).

x Dialects.

x 3 dancers (optional)

x Can be done on one set.

x No deposit on the scores.

xBacking tracks for       rehearsal or performance 

Reduced scores available.

(510) 459-8264