Book & Lyrics by John McMullen / Music by John McMullen. Tal Ariel, Elizabeth Jane Dunne / Orchestrations by Tal Ariel,  Bruce Munson

  • 0:34


  • Not the usual "suave-monster-preys-on-helpless-damsel."
  • Not the old formula of the men riding in to rescue the maiden.
  • It’s the old myth with a new twist.
  • A beautiful young nobleman was bitten by bats four centuries ago, and is cursed with unending life.  
  • He must drink the blood of virgins to survive; he injects heroin to soothe his misery.
  • His blood and body bring either death or everlasting life.
  • He vows to renounce his addictions to become human again.  
  • He repairs to an English sanatorium on the North Sea.
  • He is unaware that the doctor in charge has two lovely virginal daughters and cabinets full of drugs.
  • Set in 1922, characters include a brilliant Hispanic orphan, her tango-obsessed sister and her fiancé, their alcoholic German tutor, their asylum-keeper father who operates on patients’ brains, a crazed patient with religious delusion, the trusty Cockney butler and orderly---and the illiterate, immigrant servant (and wise woman) who saves them all!

"Romantic, dark, erotic….”​​