Why is “Blood Tango…” a musical for RIGHT NOW?

  • ​It’s about a man who has good intentions to reform, but is overcome by his addiction to drugs and sex: 20 million Americans addicted to drugs and  10 million to sex.
  • (#MeToo)  - Between the seduction of the innocent and women using their own power to decide.
  • Teachers and students trysting: 15 reports per week 
  • Women protecting women--it is working-class woman who is the heroine!
  • Eroticism is at the heart of the myth and the story, and the soul of this musical, and this is the most sexually open era in two millennia at least.
  • A genetic mutation from an animal bite may have prolonged his life and stopped his aging.There is an abundance of articles on the prospect of science manipulating genes to stop aging and extend life
  • It is about loneliness, since he is different, and any friends have long since passed. An expressed theme is that he is looking for acceptance, for family.  Half of all Americans feel alone!
  • He tries to change his nature from Alpha  which men are trying to do right now.  
  • He accepts that his love is bonded and relinquishes her virginity to her tutor, and concedes his life-long Alpha role—noble and extraordinary, and offers them both the opportunity to go off with him in a truly enduring  menage-a-troiswherein they can live long and prosper.   A majority of millennials are interested in three-somes.  

Book & Lyrics by John McMullen
Music by John McMullen
Tal Ariel, Elizabeth Jane Dunne, Bruce Munson
Orchestrations by Tal Ariel & Bruce Munson

  • 0:34

Count Vlad desperately wants to break his addictions and regain his humanity.  The vampire myth as it might really have happened.

"Romantic, dark, erotic….”

A musical for our times!

+ Put aside the supernatural for a tale that stirs the blood and heightens  the  pheromones. 

Haunting ballads you'll long to hear again

+ Throbbing rhythms of the sensual tango

A touch of Hamiltonian rap

+ A comic turn between butler and cook

+ A rousing drinking song sure to become an anthem!


"Tango Argentino" took American theaters by storm.  

“Dancing with the Stars" has 11 million viewers

 -- and they all wait to see the “red-hot tango.”