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The low-down on

J. A. McMullen...

When his therapist asked him where he got his imagination, the author replied, “Many drugs in my youth and a life devoted to depravity.”

It definitely shows in “The Rise and The Fall and The Rise of a Redheaded Witch.”


“I know all the characters, and they are infuriating. Lots of different cultures are freely appropriated. Maybe a little humor. I also go after all those religions that burned women at the stake. Oh, sex and violence. Maybe more graphic than you’re used to.”


About the characters, he adds, “I was also a red-haired only child, so I know wherever I write.”


John by Moonlight
       --photo credit: E.J. Dunne

Even more... 

J. A. McMullen is an Old Bi White Guy who grew up in the SW PA corner of Appalachia, then spent 30 years in the SF Bay Area with New York City with New Orleans mixed in.

He spent his life in theatre with an MFA from Carnegie Mellon.  He's been an actor,  a theatre director, a drama critic, and a  college instructor until he retired and started to scribble. 
"The one thing about writing," he says, "The actors do exactly as they are told." 


He and his editor, his spouse, his sounding board, and his inspiration Elizabeth Jane moved to tropical Florida 3 mi. from the Atlantic.

To date, they are hurricane virgins.

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