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Blood Tango the Musical

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A Romantic Tragedy  "...sensual and thrilling."

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  • Neither the "suave-monster-preys-on-helpless-damsel" nor the old formula of the men riding in to rescue the maiden, but with a strong feminist theme.

  • Songs of passion, longing, and humor with universal appeal--including audiences who feel left behind by current musicals.

  • Perennially popular every October.

  • What’s more erotic than Vampires? The Tango!

  • Set in an English drawing room in 1922, the characters include a brilliant Hispanic orphan, her tango-obsessed sister and her fiancé, their alcoholic German tutor,  their father who runs an asylum below their living quarters, a crazed patient with religious delusions, the trusty Cockney butler, and...their immigrant housekeeper and wise woman WHO SAVES THEM ALL.


  • A beautiful young nobleman was bitten by bats four centuries ago and is cursed with unending life.  

  • He is driven to drink the blood of virgins; he injects heroin to soothe his misery.

  • His blood and body bring either death or enduring life.

  • He vows to renounce his addictions to become fully human again.  

  • He repairs to an English sanatorium on the North Sea.

  • He is unaware that the doctor in charge has two lovely virginal daughters and cabinets full of drugs.​


        OR  DESTROY HIM?

“The excerpts are finely wrought and make the best of several music-halls styles and, my, the singing [on the recordings] is grand, voluptuous, passionate… the tunefulness is marvelous.”

--Thomas Larson, music critic and memoirist

Book, Music & Lyrics by

J. A. McMullen  


Additional Music by 

 Tal Ariel, Elizabeth Jane Dunne, 

Orchestrations by Tal Ariel


Score transcription by Bruce Munson

 © 2018, John McMullen


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